Wednesday 23 June 2010

Mercury Saturn Neptune and the Flow of Universal Love

Thursday 24th June Mercury Square Saturn exact @16:23UT

Thursday 24th June Mercury Trine Neptune exact @ 18:32UT

Monday 28th June Saturn Quincunx Neptune exact @2:45 UT


Today with our outward rational thinking mind (Mercury) and our inner imagination (Neptune) in touch a doorway in the heavens opens. In the process of the opening we learn how the old realities, our lives have been based on (Saturn) are changing. 

Over the next few of days, until Monday, listen to the soft inner voice of your heart  communicating the flow of universal love (Neptune). It is possible that it is through your dreams this communication will happen, have a pen and paper handy to write them down when you wake up. Meditation is another area where the contact with the universal love flow comes close. Use the discipline of Saturn to help with your meditation practice.



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