Wednesday 23 June 2010

Mercury Saturn Neptune and the Flow of Universal Love

Thursday 24th June Mercury Square Saturn exact @16:23UT

Thursday 24th June Mercury Trine Neptune exact @ 18:32UT

Monday 28th June Saturn Quincunx Neptune exact @2:45 UT


Today with our outward rational thinking mind (Mercury) and our inner imagination (Neptune) in touch a doorway in the heavens opens. In the process of the opening we learn how the old realities, our lives have been based on (Saturn) are changing. 

Over the next few of days, until Monday, listen to the soft inner voice of your heart  communicating the flow of universal love (Neptune). It is possible that it is through your dreams this communication will happen, have a pen and paper handy to write them down when you wake up. Meditation is another area where the contact with the universal love flow comes close. Use the discipline of Saturn to help with your meditation practice.



Monday 7 June 2010

Mars Jupiter Uranus Chiron and the Irritation Triangle

Mars in Virgo, Jupiter/Uranus in Aries and Chiron in Pisces are all standing at Zero degrees of their respective signs and form an aspect pattern called an Irritation Triangle over the next 36 hours or so (Until 04:04Ut on 9th June).

Irritation Triangle
Irritation Triangles or Stimulation Triangles, as they are also called, are high energy patterns. The Green, thinking, aspects makes you want to know more about a subject while the Red makes you want to be an achiever and realise goals.

Sad Feet
To grasp how these aspect figures work imagine a stone in your shoe, irritating and at the same time stimulating you into a reaction. In this instance the stimulation is to remove your shoe to get rid of the stone. Until the stone is removed it is not possible to be a peace or rest. Now imagine once you get rid of one stone another is soon lying in the bottom of your shoe.

The look of the pattern is a clue as to how it can manifest. Looking like a small red and green dagger it comes out when someone realises they have said yes once too often and have become overloaded with other peoples tasks or problems and the innate sensitivity found in this pattern has been abused just too much. Perhaps the realisation dawns that you have been burning to much of the midnight oil in pursuit of a favourite subject suddenly finding you are unable to close your mind down.  Bang! The dagger bursts the balloon or the stone is ejected from the shoe and everything settles down once again. Or at least until the process starts of once more.
Happy Feet
Those with Planets lying between 29 degrees and 1degree in their Birth Chart will be feeling the effects of this pattern, especially over the next day or two. Try to avoid taking on more than you can comfortably manage and don’t be afraid to say no. If you are in the middle of studying for an exam or trying to finish a presentation for work take time to have a short walk or a breather for 5 Mins. Whatever, you work better and remember more if you take some time out.

Don't know where the planets are in your Birth Chart or what your aspect patterns are the link below will take you to my website. Send me your Birth Details and I will send you a copy of your Birth Chart with my compliments.
Please use the 24 hour clock.
Give the date with the Day Month Year in that order please.
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Happy Feet
 Harmony the Cat and Me

Harmony who, at the grand old age of 19 and a bit, is preparing to shuffle off her mortal coil and depart for cat heaven. She was diagnosed as diabetic and given a few months to live way back in December 2005. Over the last couple of months she has gradually stopped eating until in the last couple of days it has become apparent she is preparing to leave. 

Once a great hunter of mice and rabbits she had given up hunting due to the arthritis in her back legs and had turned from being an independent outdoors country cat into a very cuddly fireside loving puss.

Fortunately the weather has been very warm and sunny for the last couple of weeks and she has enjoyed many hours lying in the sun or under the shade of her favourite bushes in our large garden. Life will not be the same without Harmony to get me up in the morning to feed her Watching the TV in the evening without her lying on the settee between my wife and myself will feel rather empty for a while I am sure. 

Harmony came to stay with us when she was 3 years old and was originally my daughters cat. We took her in little knowing it would be for so long and that we would end up becoming carers for a grand old lady who ended up on a special diet and a need for regular medication.

I marvel at the dignity and apparent non attachment she is showing to the approaching end of the long and, I would like to think, very happy life she has spent. It never ceases to amaze me how little we modern humans know of the world we live in. I thank Harmony for all I have discovered of life through the eyes of a cat and how well I know the hidden corners of the garden where I have spent many happy hours watching her going about her cat business. 

Thank you Harmony for sharing your life with me and I wish you a safe onward journey.


Monday 31 May 2010

Jupiter Uranus The Energy Drink Aspect Cycle That Gives You Wings.

  11:26UT... 8th June... Jupiter conjunct Uranus
A Jupiter/Uranus conjunction happens every 14 years and appears to usher in changes which have far reaching and often ground breaking events attached to them. A cycle taking so many years to travel from one starting point (conjunction) to another will inevitably have an effect which is felt pretty much on every level of world society. 

With such a heavenly happening as this we have the choice to either participate in the changes our world will undergo or simply stand on the sidelines and become victims of fate. As the future is yet to be written it is difficult if not impossible to understand what events are being set in motion never mind participate in them. To be able to grasp what these events mean on a personal level look to the house in your Birth Chart which has Aries on the cusp. The affairs of this house will give clues to the area of your life where the opportunities for personal growth are the greatest.The quadrant or quarter of the chart where the conjunction falls will give a background to the message held in the house in question.

Before getting to that here are a few events that have shaped our world during the conjunctions and oppositions of Jupiter/Uranus over the last few decades. They will give you an idea of how powerful and revolutionary the energy released under this conjunction can be.

On 29 July 1955, as the conjunction of May that year was beginning to separate, the U.S President Eisenhower announced, that the United States would launch an artificial satellite effectively launching the start of what became known as the "Space Race" between the U.S and Russia. 
In 1969 at the time of the conjunction Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon and Woodstock Music Festival, billed as the largest peace time gathering in the history of the world, became a happening. I leave it to you to decide which the most important event of the two was. 

The opposition of 1976 saw the introduction of Concorde which cut the commuting time across the Atlantic to 31/2 hours, almost doable for a late lunch.
The conjunction of 1983 brought the launch of Microsoft word and in 1990 at the time of the opposition the first page on the web was published. The hole in the ozone was discovered and the first Sat Nav system was fitted to a car.

Political events also have a correlation to this cycle. The opposition of 1989/90 saw the fall of the Berlin wall in late 1989. While in the UK Mrs Thatcher resigned as Prime Minister in November 1990. At the time of the conjunction in 1997 New Labour came to power and lost it again at the current conjunction.

Read on to discover how the conjunction can effect your life over the next 7 years
1st Quadrant: Examining how behavioural patterns have been impulsively formed into defence mechanisms and arriving at an acceptance that the old ways are possibly not the best.
1st House: Gaining a new and deeper awareness of the personality and in what areas of life you can shine in.
2nd House: Re-examining the sense of self worth and your own uniqueness as a human being.   
3rd House Asking the question "How open is my mind" Is it time to learn something new and seek some mental stimulation. In other words are you running around in the same old mental comfort zone that you have enjoyed since the last conjunction.
2nd Quadrant: Taking the opportunity to learn about our own behaviour from the responses of those around us. Especially close family and old friends. With the aim becoming a more productive member of your tribe.
4th House: Ask yourself how deep do my roots go down into the collective and whether they are of such a depth that it is difficult to move away from the views which are held to be normal for the society in which you are living. On the other hand perhaps there is no sense of belonging and an inability to set down roots and feel part of the society.
5th House: What will I do for love how much will I sacrifice for others? Do I feel secure enough in myself to risk it all for another?
6th House: Work do I love or loathe it, would I rather be doing something else? Whatever the answer to this question this is an opportunity to learn new techniques and broaden your work horizons in whatever way possible.
3rd Quadrant: Breaking free from the bonds of childhood and early adult years by understanding and coming to terms with the restrictions our upbringing placed upon us
7th House: This house concerns how the partnerships we make should be formed in a spirit of mutual cooperation and with a awareness of impact they may have on others and in our society in general  .
8th House: The law of Give and Take comes into play if the conjunction happens to fall the 8th house. Understanding that he who pays the fiddler calls the tune, render unto Cesar what is due to Cesar and how the man can own your ass if you take to much of other peoples energy. .
9th House: Here you should be willing to expand the horizons of your thinking and be willing to look at other cultures and ways of thinking. Too narrow a mind can only lead up a blind alley.

4th Quadrant: Discovering oneself as an individual and the connection with every other living being while working on a more conscious understanding of the self.  
10th House: From the dizzy height of the chart the need for social recognition can be a strong pull. With the conjunction placed here one must strive for the highest personal standards. No sneaky dealings will suffice, life has a habit of catching the unaware when they least expect it.
11th House: "By your friends you will be known" is an apt phrase for this particular house. Advancement along the path of spirit can be helped or hindered by the company you hang out with.
12th House: A deeper meaning to existence is on offer here. Meditation or perhaps a retreat from the affairs of the world when possible can be of benefit to ones peace of mind and understanding.


Sunday 30 May 2010

Neptune Retrograde and the Synchronicity of the Sabian Symbols

Something which never ceases to amaze me about astrology is the synchronicity and symbolism which is so apparent in it. 

As Neptune which, amongst other thing rules Oil, Oil Wells and Oceans turns retrograde, appearing to travel in the opposite direction, the symbolism for the degree which it occupies has the Sabian Symbol of "A Butterfly emerging from a Chrysalis". The picture this symbol paints is, to my mind, very apt for the disaster facing the Gulf of Mexico from the current crisis. Marc Edmund Jones, the astrologer who developed the symbols gives the meaning to this degree in a negative context as "An utterly sluggish response to reality". I think that is a pretty fair statement concerning the response, of BP. the operators of the well, to the disaster.

The view from the opposite side of the horoscope circle, in the sign of Leo, has the symbol "A Mermaid" of which the negative is "A lack of discrimination and an awkward sensitivity" Once again very symbolic of the response.

It has to be hoped that now Neptune has changed direction the tragedy can also have a change of direction. Neptune has been at its current position since April 10th ten days before the whole sorry affair started.

On a more positive note the Symbol for the Aquarian degree brings with it an "An awareness of the wonders of creation and of the existence of life". While the opposite symbol in Leo can bring "A willingness to trust the instincts". 

Perhaps the as Butterfly flaps its wings and the Mermaid its tail they have the inherent possibility to change the mindset of the big oil companies along with governments and the car industry to bring badly needed change in our approach to transport and the fuel which drives it. Should that prove to be the case this current disaster might been seen to be a turning point in the battle for the natural resources and the air quality of our planet. I can only hope it is not a forlorn and naive one.

Neptune turns Retrograde @18:48 UT on 28Aqu42...Turning Direct on 7th Nov @ 06:04UT on 25Aqu54 #astrology


Monday 24 May 2010

Uranus enters into Aries on 28th May 2010

Uranus Planet of Change and Revolution
As Uranus journeys through Aries those born with Uranus in Capricorn, Libra and Cancer will experience opportunities for growth with the following aspects at some time over the next 7 years.

Waxing Square transit for those born with Uranus in Capricorn

Opposition for those with Uranus in Libra

Waning Square for those born with Uranus in Cancer.

Conjunction for anyone who will celebrate their 84th birthday   . during this time
For the exact dates of Uranus's journey through the above signs and Entry into Aries the dates are given at the end of this post. 

Waxing Sq, Uranus in Capricorn

This transit occurs around the age of 18/22 and usually brings with it a desire for freedom, and the urge to break away from all and everything which has been seen as authority. Your need to express yourself may over take your common sense and more than likely it will from time to time. Try to remember that everyone who is old is not completely stupid even when they seem to be acting it. If you can bring yourself to think about the stuff employers and even parents are saying you can always use any gems of wisdom without them noticing, if you go about it quietly. In other words it is not necessary to storm the barricades all the time. Pick your battles as carefully as you can, that way you are likely to win more.

For those of you who are in the company of the waxing square natives remember you were also that age once and dignity and freedom are two way streets.

Opposition Uranus in Libra

For those joining the age group 38/42 this transit is one of the most important times in your life. It is the astrological equivalent of the mid-life crisis. One day you get out of bed and the realisation dawns "I'm beginning to ache in the places I used to play" Before you know it all manner of questions come flooding into your mind. "Who am I...What am I doing... What's going on". It is a time when you start to feel restless and question your life. The big question you have to ask is "Am I in charge of my own destiny". If the answer is yes then congratulate yourself mightily and have a celebration. If the answer is "No not really", which is likely to be the more honest of the two, then it is time you had a big think about where you are headed.

Look at this time as one of readjustment and start to open up to more spiritual values and explore your own inner feelings. Not everything needs to change and a life is neither all good or all bad so don't be tempted to throw it all up in the air and rush off to join the circus.

Waning Sq
Uranus in Cancer

Those who reach 58/62 during this transit start to find time is becoming a very precious commodity. It is getting harder to say to I will start this next year I will learn that soon. The amount of tomorrows we can put things off until are dwindling. If you have fallen into a rut in the past now comes an urge to break free. The responsibilities that have been shouldered over the past years can now seem to be intolerable burdens. It is important to realise this is happening because the still, quiet voice of the soul is striving to make itself heard before the sands of time run out completely. The focus of responsibility has to shift from that of others and start to centre round the self. It does not mean that life has to undergo a major upheaval but it does mean that steps have to be taken to address the needs of the self if the remaining years are to be filled with meaning, sunshine and joy. One small change at a time soon builds into many and done with a little patience and understanding should mean those who are close to you can become part of your answer and not part of the problem.

Transiting Uranus Conjunct Natal Uranus

This transit usually occurs around the age of 84 years and you have just completed a complete cycle of the planet Uranus which rules freedom, insight, originality and hopefully a measure of detachment from the roll-a-coaster of emotions. You now have come a far enough distance from the start to be able to look back and view life with the benefit of all you have seen and experienced. If you have suppressed the spiritual side of your nature you might find an empty space where your heart should be. If so don't worry it's never to late to start a conversation with your soul. It might not be the easiest thing but it will certainly be the most beneficial thing you could undertake. If on the other hand soul and spirit have played a large part in your life then this can be a time of insight and contentment as you hopefully release worldly attachments and desires.

Movement of Uranus into and Retrograde out of Aries

Into Aries 28th May 2010

Rx into Taurus 14th August 2010

Direct into Aries 12th March 2011

Into Taurus 15th May 2018

Rx into Aires 6th Nov 2018

Direct into Taurus 6th March 2019

Dates and Times of entry into Cancer Libra and Capricorn

10 Jun 1949    Cancer     04:06

24 Aug 1955    Leo      18:02

28 Jan 1956    Cancer     01:58 Until10 Jun 1956 01:46


24 Jun 1969    Libra       10:33

21 Nov 1974   Scorpio      09:31

1 May 1975     Libra       17:46 until 8 Sep 1975 05:14


2 Dec 1988     Capricorn     15:35

1 Apr 1995      Aquarius      12:10

9 Jun 1995      Capricorn     01:42 Until 12 Jan 1996 07:12


Saturday 22 May 2010

Is Your Glass Half Full? A take on the Jupiter/Saturn Opposition

The forces of optimism and pessimism face off on Sunday 23rd May @ 05:36 UT as Jupiter planet of optimism opposes Saturn ruler of pessimism

I reckon humanity falls into two very distinct camps. There is the glass half full camp and opposing them is the half empty lot. A quick read of the papers and a trawl round the internet and you quickly find it is the half empty glasses getting the column inches. Maybe they're right to be so pessimistic about the world's affairs at the moment but I am not so sure about that. Gloom creates gloom and a happy smile lights up the world for miles around. There is so much gloom and talk of Armageddon it gets me to wondering if it's becoming a self fulfilling prophecy. Like attracts like and maybe it makes a bit of sense to have some sort of optimistic health warning attached to every article that appears in the press, internet and television. 

As with the warning on a packet of cigarettes there could be "The writer of this piece scores x or y on the Optimism Meter. Anything under five say and your happy face is under threat over 5 and reading or listening to this will bring a smile to your face

One way to achieve this Optimism Meter would be to look at the aspects to Jupiter in the birth chart of every politician and chattering monkey in the media. 

Aspects to the Sun could be counted as a generally happy disposition. 
A connection to the Moon could tell us much about the emotional condition of the writer, commentator or politico's inner child. 
An aspect to Mercury could be someone who checks his facts with care or if unaspected just prattles on and on following the company or party line with no thought. 
Venus could show the leaning towards comfort and ease or general liking for the wearing of a hair shirt and a spot of self flagellation. 
Mars on the other hand could tell us how much of an adrenaline junkie we were dealing with. 
Which leaves Saturn the great realist, memory man and general all round pessimist. A small dose of Saturn helps keep a sense of reality in all things, too much and we have the Health and Safety Inspectorate running riot and squeezing all the joy and spontaneity out of life.

I am not suggesting a commentator with a low optimism score should be kept in a box, however there are some who think life is about suffering and appear to get off on spreading the misery. Maybe Buddha did indeed say "All life is suffering" but on the other hand it might be attributable to some historical, or should that read hysterical, PR Spin Meister who decided to put his own spin on the actual words Buddha did speak. Anyway I think the type of suffering Buddha was talking about had more to do with spiritual separation rather than the separation of money from wallet.

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievment. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence." ~ Helen Keller

"Both optimists and pessimists contribute to our society.  The optimist invents the airplane and the pessimist the parachute."  ~ Gil Stern

"In the long run the pessimist may be proved right, but the optimist has a better time on the trip."  ~ Daniel L. Reardon

"After 5000 years of recorded human history, you wonder, what part of 2,000,000 sunrises doesn't a pessimist understand?" ~Robert Brault